Making things happen

The special friendships that we have built over many years not only allow us unprecedented access to Japan’s most sought after properties on a short notice, they also open doors to a side of Japan that’s otherwise inaccessible. Perhaps learning about umami from a renowned fish monger who supplies to the world’s top chefs – or cultivating award winning musk melons fit for royalty; meeting the founder of a Japanese company you’ve always admired – or encountering bioluminescent sea fireflies on a reclusive beach; battling it out with hordes of samurais in a reenactment of a historical armed conflict – or pitting your vocal prowess against a famous Japanese singer songwriter in a private karaoke suite.

We could go on forever, but the main point is that with Japan Curator, it’s never just about securing seats at Michelin-starred restaurants. Instead, it’s always going to be about experiences that border on magical, and the people you will meet who make them possible.